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Tradingshooter’s markets analysis follows the philosophy of pure technical analysis, applying the rules well known and made famous by the biggest traders and analysts of history (Dow Jones, Gann, Babson, Elliott), developing the concept of 'price-time correlation' in conjunction with Delta Volume in an innovative way. Under the assumption (already stated by Gann) that ‘the price is all as it includes both movement and time, Tradingshooter’s traders apply a method for the determination of price levels and management mathematical and physical paradigms based on the existence of the immutable laws of nature applying also in finance and based on forces known as 'cycles'.
Cycles determine the stock price every day: in the fifth century BC, ‘space and time’ had already been correlated to the numbers by Pythagoras. In the stock market, therefore, just the price is true. Strict rules, geometric concepts and mathematical theories of technical analysis, statistical calculations allow Tradingshooter’s traders to follow the markets with a scientific approach, ruling out the emotional component that is at the base of stress and errors.

"The whole Tradingshooter Method is present on the inside site in a Dispensa made available for everyone. This dispensation brings together over 20 years of studies on the development of the method and gives everyone the opportunity to have the IMPORTANT bases on which to start studying."

"There is no right or wrong in the financial markets.... there is the reality of price, profit and loss" (W.D. Gann)

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (W.D. Gann)