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And there I come home now, after a WONDERFUL day!
Impeccable organization and over 120 Trader at work.
Honored to have been invited to the stage of SQUARE BUSINESS, with great professionals and even more so when at last the same as I have

recognizing me internationally....

I stunned ALL, not only for the transactions made in a tough market (6 operations of Dax ALL GREEN closed at + 57 tik, where I have always taken MINIMUM and MAXIMUM related, Always declaring before and leading many of the parterre in Gain!!) but to my methodology, humility and I have reached software.. (for many FICTION!)  Risatona .

What Say lords / and a dream come true, because in Piazza Affari, when ALL stand up and applaud you for a while... is priceless! I'm quite HAPPY!!!! Risatona

See you tomorrow and a wonderful evening.

Announcement of the TOP TRADER

A Great Team !!!!